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Fery Wongso
Hendra Kasman


The objective In this research are to know what are the indicator of good performance, what are the CSF, KPI & KGI  for ?, how do we measure and compare both of them? The  Methodology    used  for  this  research  is  based  on  framework released by IT Governance Institute but it is being modified (minor changes) for a certain purpose. Based on our analysis the average IT Maturity level of fourteen IT process at MIS Department PT. XYZ is 2.83 more higher than the result from ISACA survey among 47 US company only 2.62. The IT management of PT. XYZ should not make their self satisfied with this result, as multinational company they have to aware for improving regarding their IT governance. Our research also provided & equipped set action plan & methodology for management to achieve the better IT Maturity Level. There are some recommendations for the IT management in order to achieve the better namely: 1. IT Maturity Level Management have to perform continuous improvement, especially for some IT process such as   DS1 (Define Service Level) the lowest maturity rating, DS4 (Ensure Continuous Services) the second lowest maturity rating, PO9 (Assess Risk) & PO10 (Manage Project) the third lowest maturity rating. 2.   Management also have to consider for doing the full step methodology in the next assessment. 3.   Management have to consider for develop  performance measurement tools, this tools will help management to manage IT resources & process for aligning with the business objective

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