The Role of Compatibility, Perceived Usefulness, Convenience Perception and Convenience Perception on Electronic Money (e- Wallet) Usage Interest


  • Hadion Wijoyo


Suitability, Perception of Usefulness, Perception of Ease, Perception of Convenience, Electronic money, e-Wallet


This study examines the effect of compatibility, perceived usefulness, perceived convenience, and perceived convenience on interest in using e-money. This study uses the context of interest in using e- money to test the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) theory. In the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), interest is influenced by attitude. Interest is the level of desire or intention of individuals who want to do a work activity or use the object. Attitude is a person's tendency to perceive the positive or negative of a particular object, behavior, situation, or person. So it can be said that someone will do something if he has a desire and understands the positive and negative of a particular object. Second, the results of this study indicate that the attitude is determined by the suitability, perceived usefulness and perceived convenience). Interests are influenced by attitudes and. Suitability is the degree to which users use the innovation of the technology in a manner consistent with their use practice in accordance with their previous experience and current needs.