Factors that Cause the Monastery and Cetiya under the Auspices of the Pekanbaru MBI PC


  • Hadion Wijoyo


service; place of worship; MBI Pekanbaru


The Indonesian Buddhist Council is one of the Buddhist Religious Councils that
was established in 1955. One of the Riau branch administrators is Pekanbaru. Pekanbaru as
the capital city of Riau Province houses 7 (seven) Viharas and Cetiyas. Each Vihara and
Cetiya has its own problems such as the absence of activities other than Vesak and Kathina
Celebrations (Buddhist holidays), including the lack of attention and guidance for
administrators and devotees. This study uses a qualitative-analytic method with a religious
and cultural approach. The results obtained are as follows. There are several factors that cause
service not optimal, such as parking facilities, a service request system that is still manual, the
lack of information on Vihara and Cetiya activities, the level of willingness and competence of
priests and managers of places of worship that is still lacking. Second, PC MBI Pekanbaru has
provided good guidance to Pandita, the manager of the house of worship, in making work
plans so that services to the people are maximized, but this requires monitoring and evaluation
in its implementation. In addition, PC MBI Pekanbaru has sought to civilize the community
where Pekanbaru Buddhists are dominated by the Chinese ethnic group