Local Wisdom Values in the Pujawali Tradition


  • Hadion Wijoyo


local wisdom; values; pujawali tradition


This study aims to determine the local wisdom of the Buddhist
community in Lombok, especially North Lombok in relation to the
environment, nature, and plural social relations. The research
method was carried out qualitatively on Buddhist communities in
North Lombok Regency. This research results in the finding that
basically the local wisdom of the Buddhist community is extracted
from the experience of the community from the acculturation of the
Majapahit Kingdom tradition which is very familiar with its
environment and has long lived in a community culture that is one
with nature, known asPujawali / memareq / worship. The local
wisdom of Pujawali custom is a social and cultural condition which
contains cultural values that respect and are adaptive to the natural
surroundings, and are arranged steadily in a society's customs. Even
though they are often considered old-fashioned, the values they
teach and the practices they carry out are still a regular way of
maintaining the environment and good relations between and within
religious communities because they still hold strong beliefs about
protecting nature means protecting life. Mujawali's wisdom teaches
about maintaining harmony and unity, things that cannot be
negotiated because actually the people of North Lombok have one
ancestor in line with that in North Lombok the people hold the
principle of helping merenten (we are all brothers).